join us in living faithfully 24/7 by MAKING THE WORD OF GOD AND PRAYER A PRIORITY everyday WITH SOAP.

SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer.

  • S: Write out the "Verse of the Day" from YouVersion. Writing it out reinforces it in your mind & heart and allows God to further speak to you through it.
  • O: Write a one or two sentence observation about that verse. What do you think the verse means? What is the verse saying to you?
  • A: What is something God wants you take action on in your own life in regards to that verse? Is there something He wants you to believe, receive, change your thinking on, say or stop doing? Write it all down. 
  • P: Write out a prayer to God in response to the verse you chose. Perhaps ask God for help in applying the verse to your life, give thanks to Him, or confess anything you might be struggling with.

Click HERE for a sample of what a SOAP Devotion might look like!

Start SOAP'ing with us by first downloading the YouVersion Bible App on your phone or computer. We will be utilizing their "Verse of the Day" as our daily scripture reading. If you are SOAP'ing for the first time, we encourage you to start with just the "Verse of the Day"! If this isn't your first time - we encourage you to read the entire chapter. You can do so by clicking on the verse and selecting the option that says "Read Full Chapter" underneath. Questions or need help getting started? Contact