What time are your services?

Sunday Services: 9:00am and 10:30am. 

First Wednesday Service: 7:00pm

What kind of church is Southridge?  

The feel of our church is non-traditional and non-denominational. People with no church background, and those who have grown up in church feel at home at Southridge. Technically speaking, we are accountable and affiliated with the Assemblies of God. What's great about our affiliation is that the Assemblies functions as a volunteer cooperative organization, which means there is a freedom for each church to be itself. 

We are also proud to be Partners with the Association of Related Churches: ARC

We are a "not perfect, work in progress" group of Christ-followers, who teach and live out Christianity solely based on the Bible. For a statement of our beliefs, check out "What we Believe."

What should I wear to Church?

We are casual - most of us wear jeans. 

What can I expect on Sunday morning?

We're ready to serve coffee & snacks 15 minutes prior to the service. The reality is that each Sunday morning has a unique thumbprint. But the typical weekend service includes:

high impact music, media, a 30-40 minute relevant message, a time to respond and reflect on the message through worship, and an opportunity to give. The entire service usually runs a little over an hour.

Do I need to bring a Bible?

It's up to you. We would like you to share in our appreciation for the Bible so, it would be great if you brought one to follow along. However, for your convenience, all verses will be displayed on the big screens for easy viewing and there are printed message notes in your handout for you to follow along.

What about my kids?

At Southridge we value children. We do not view Children's ministry as a babysitting service. That's why we take seriously the opportunity to have a creative, age appropriate ministry from birth to 6th grade in our Kids Connect. The children will have a time of singing, teaching, and enjoy fun activities. 

Junior and Senior High students connect with the high energy worship experience that the adults enjoy and are encouraged to attend with the adults. We also have opportunities for students outside of Sunday Morning. 

Will I be asked to give money? 

As a guest, you will NOT be expected to participate in the giving portion of our service. However, if Southridge is your church home, then we ask you to be faithful to God in your giving and partner with us in accomplishing God's work in Sarpy County by creating a church environment where as many people as possible could discover God's plan. Buildings and budgets are just a means to reach people. Our focus is on people, but it takes finances to be able to reach them. We are a church that is excited about partnering with God through our finances to impact the lives of the people He loves so much. 

Will I be singled out as a first time guest? 

When you show up we will put the "Hey, I'm a first timer" hat on you. This will make it easier to identify you when it is time to bring you on stage to do the "Hey, I'm a first timer" dance. JUST KIDDING. You will not be singled out, however, you will be encouraged to fill out the response card completely. Bonus, it will give you something to put in the offering buckets when they pass by. Seriously, we totally understand that checking out a new place for the first time can be an intimidating experience, so we try hard to make it easy for you. Our hope is that you will just come, and enjoy the service, no pressure. 

What kind of music can I expect? 

Although our personal tastes vary widely, our band plays a loud mix of contemporary Christian Music.

Do you have any other services during the week?

We have a First Wednesday service every first Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm.