Accepting Jesus as your Savior can change you in an instant, but becoming a fully devoted follower of Him is a lifelong process - it's not something that just happens overnight. We want to provide you with some resources to assist you in your personal journey. It's important to take the next steps in order to become a self-feeder. God's Word is our best tool for growth and maturity, so we hope you find the resources listed below useful.

And like we always say, don't do it alone! Get in a Life Group.


    Download the YouVersion app on your smart phone or computer and you can have access to the Bible digitally in multiple translations anywhere & everywhere you go! Not only will you have access to the Bible, but there are tons of devotions and Bible plans available that make it really easy to get in the Word.

  • find the bible that's right for you

    Although YouVersion has tons of translations to pick from, it might be nice to have a quick overview of the most popular ones HERE. Check it out and see what Bible Translation you would like best!

  • online bible study tool

    Check out this online study tool to help navigate the Bible. You can search the Bible by topic, watch videos, and more! Click HERE.